Fully managed hosting.

Fast, secure, reliable, results-driven. Hosting Options & Pricing 2024

Included with all hosting packages:

  1. Fully managed updates & fixes (core + theme + plugins (installed by us))
  2. Free content fix and updates (up to 15 min per issue)
  3. Fastest load times
  4. We Optimize Sales SEO plus
  5. Unlimited Data Transfers
  6. Our advanced network delivers increased security and performance out of the box. Including Layer 3 & 4 DDoS protection, Cloudflare’s powerful CDN, and Cloudflare Polish lossless image compression.
  7. Additionally, our advanced network supports HTTP/3. HTTP/3 accelerates HTTP requests by using QUIC, which provides encryption and performance improvements compared to TCP and TLS.
  8. Enterprise grade security including firewall, malware scanning & remediation.
  9. Our guarantee: We’ll do everything we can to ensure your site won’t get hacked. And if your site still gets hacked, we’ll fix it…for free
  10. Daily automatic backups (30 days stored) – files & database!
  11. One click restore: With a single click you can take a snapshot of your entire site — database and files — stored on our servers. Restore that snapshot with another click. Now you have a safety net before doing something risky like upgrading plugins.
  12. Included staging area for testing site changes and updates.
  13. Tracking installation and configuration
  14. Basic SSL installation and configuration


T1 - $150/month

  • Up to 4,000 Visitors per month
  • 1 gb of data storage

T2 - $200/month

  • Up to 20,000 Visitors per month
  • 4 gb of data storage

T3 - $350/month

  • Up to 100,000 Visitors per month
  • 10 gb of data storage

We can also create custom solutions for any needs.

Additional support or changes are billed at $300/ hour.