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We Optimize Sales is a consulting & advisory firm with a proven track record for nimble and effective solutions for launching, growing, and optimizing brands. Our people are diverse, experienced, creative, talented, out-of-the-box thinking, crazy-smart, and just plain nice.

We have a track record for turning obstacles into success. And we don’t stop there. Our successes come from working together. It’s our goal to empower you to make the best, well-informed decisions. We ensure you are not only one step ahead of your competition but in a whole different league.

We aim to be your real-life superheroes, saving your businesses from pitfalls, steering you in the right direction, and keeping you on track. You could say we aim to make you not only future-proofed but bulletproof.

Our commitment to excellence continually pushes us to raise the bar with unfailing accuracy. 

We know you want and deserve the best. That is why GOOD is never enough for us.

To do this, we bring you an extraordinary team that is as passionate and dedicated to your success as you are. Our commitment to excellence pushes us to raise the bar with unfailing accuracy continually. 

So let us be your team. We will work relentlessly with passion, to understand, imagine, strategize, and deliver for you. It is our promise to you to create incredible brands, strategies, and experiences that both deliver meaningful and measurable results to your small business. You can rest assured that we will deliver nothing, but the BEST for you.

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Our clients are smart, open-minded businesses of all sizes who look for exceptional results.

Ethan Fialkow, JD, MBA, DDP

Principal Strategist & Founder

Ethan spearheads We Optimize Sales business and brand strategies. Ethan is a highly regarded consultant with nearly two decades of experience guiding and advising businesses. His extensive academic background, including a Master’s Degree in Business and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, positions him as an optimization catalyst and exceptional problem solver.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ethan has derived immense satisfaction from empowering numerous businesses to unlock their true potential. He possesses a natural inclination to tackle challenges head-on and excels at solving complex problems. His guiding philosophy revolves around empowerment, education, and optimization, principles he meticulously applies when crafting comprehensive brand strategies and effective business tactics. Through his expertise, he has successfully transformed underdogs into industry leaders.

What sets Ethan apart is his unique perspective stemming from his legal, business, health and technology background. With his experience practicing business, real estate, and transactional law, coupled with extensive litigation involvement, he brings a multifaceted understanding and thoughtful considerations that transcend mere success. His approach focuses on optimal solutions that mitigate risks.

Always mindful of the future and the role of technology in every strategy, Ethan remains ahead of the curve by considering variables that others might overlook. He possesses a forward-looking mindset that embraces innovation and adapts to evolving landscapes.

Having lived and worked in Japan, Ethan developed fluency in the language and gained invaluable cross-cultural experience. As a result, his strategies encompass both local and global implications, making them well-rounded and adaptable in diverse contexts.

Combined, his experience, expertise, and vision have led to the creation of We Optimize Sales and bringing together a team uniquely qualified and passionate to solve all of your business needs.

Ethan’s approach defies the notion of a quick-fix solution or universal panacea. If you seek simplistic answers or shortcuts, his guidance may not align with your expectations. However, if you are genuinely committed to optimizing your business and breaking free from the challenges impeding your progress, Ethan invites you to embark on a transformative journey with We Optimize Sales.

Peter Radsliff

Principal Strategist

Peter Radsliff spearheads business strategy and customer experience practices. With over three decades of operating and consulting experience across sales, marketing, product management, and development teams, Peter is the consummate problem solver. His dedication and passion have empowered dozens of businesses to maximize their true potential through ingenious tactics and strategies. He has worked with clients in diverse industries on five continents. He lives for challenges and loves to solve problems.

Peter brings a unique perspective to his practice with his deep background in both the art & science of business. Having extensive experience leading sales, marketing, product management, industrial design, and both software and hardware development teams, he brings a new dimension and approach which goes beyond merely succeeding, but also optimizing solutions that mitigate risk. With an eye toward the future and how technologies play a key role in every strategy, he always looks forward and considers variables of which most people are not even aware.

Peter has created innovative solutions for major companies that were implemented across the globe. This experience has empowered him to consider the local and global implications of the strategies he develops.

Daniel Rigmaiden

AI Guru & Technology Wizard

Daniel is able to translate complex AI concepts into actionable solutions. His passion for continuous learning and exploring new AI advancements makes him the perfect mad scientist behind the scenes, making the complex seem simple. 

AI isn’t a new trend for him. Daniel has been speaking computer languages for over two decades, waiting for the day that computers could communicate back to him. Since the earliest AI models were released, Daniel has been pushing their boundaries. With an ever-curious mind, Daniel brings a unique passion and expertise to the table.  

Daniel’s expertise lies in harnessing the power of AI to unveil valuable insights concealed within text data. His fervor for natural language processing and machine learning enables him to convert raw data into actionable information.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools like large language models (LLMs) and pre-trained models such as BERT and Cohere, Daniel tackles complex tasks like sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and text classification. His quest for the most empowering technologies doesn’t end there.  He is constantly on the lookout for tools that bridge the gap between human understanding and the vast textual information available today. By crafting innovative scripts, he empowers our clients to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

L. Burke Files, DDP, CACM

Future-Proofing Consultant & Advisor

L. Burke Files leads the risk management, due diligence, investment, investigative, and research side of We Optimize Sales and FE&E INC. With over three decades of experience, Mr. Files is keenly aware of the types and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions in business and investing. For nearly three decades he has worked as a knowledge specialist in international finance and due diligence working on projects in over 100 countries. Previously, to founding FE&E in 1993, he was a licensed commodity FCM and CTA for Oppenheimer Rouse and served as the Director of Corporate Finance for American National Group. Mr. Files continues to serve on Boards for private companies, working in international finance, due diligence, and anti-corruption. These and a multitude of other experiences provide Mr. Files with a broad and exceptional knowledge base and contacts in the international finance, and corporate worlds. He has received a Commission and a Medal of Merit from the President of the United States is an award-winning author and is frequently sought out by media as a quotable and reliable source. Specialties: Business Consulting, Unfucking i.e. Risk Management & Mitigation, Due Diligence, Financial Investigations, Intellectual Property, and Critical Information Investigations. Mr. Files is also an award-winning published author and highly sought-after international speaker.

Kie Ino

Creative Director

Kie Ino runs the creative magic behind the scenes.   From brand palates to digital art to videos, Kie weaves together branded customer experience touch points that elicit emotional engagement, and sheer joy.  

Her creativity and love for emotionally stimulating visuals stems from both her experiences in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan.  Two culture and art epicenters.  

When she isn’t weaving together stunning brand experiences her passion fuels other creative endeavors around health, wellness and food.